Platform Enhancements:

  • The LimeLight Marketplace is OPEN!

By now you’ve probably heard us mention the Marketplace over the last few months, we are pleased to announce that the Marketplace is now open!   The Marketplace is a one stop shop to get detailed information about vendors and partners all within the LimeLight platform.  You now have instant access to detailed information about our hundreds of integrated partners.  Additionally, we’ve highlighted partners with broader feature sets, upgraded services, or enhanced integration into the LimeLight Platform. The Marketplace can be accessed in the platform under the Admin menu. 

Keep an eye out for more announcements in the weeks and months to come as we continue to add more content, more features (e.g. the ability to signup directly within the Marketplace) . . . just more good stuff, to help you make the most informed decisions for your business.


Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the Calltacular integration name to Lead outpost and renamed the Username field to Campaign ID and the Password field to API Key in the gateway profile to align with provider rebranding
  • Updated Shipping Methods to allow deletion of the Subscription Price
  • Removed duplicated campaign IDs when assigning Transaction Select to a campaign
  • Removed extra spaces added to the top of a Message Template when editing in the HTML body
  • Fixed user access to the Transaction Select Analytics dashboard
  • Updated Actum integration to allow for legacy Sales by Gateway report to show how many checks were processed for the gateway
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