Platform Enhancements:


  • We proudly offer a Wordpress plugin that easily integrates into your Wordpress site. There is no longer a need for custom development of webforms. Our plugin will generate all of the pages needed for your campaign to generate prospects and new orders and subscriptions. For information check out our Help Center here: http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003634306-Wordpress-Plugin                         
  • Intelligent Cascade is here! An Intelligent Cascade Profile allows you to route transactions among several cascade gateways based on numerous specific conditions (11 different conditions) you configure – giving you full control over cascade routing. For full functionality details, visit our Help Center here: http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003651446-Overview-of-Intelligent-Cascade-Profiles
  • We’ve added two new Rule Types to Decline Manager making it even more configurable! Now you can specify ‘Decline Reason’ and ‘Product’ in the Decline Manager profile. Check out our Help Center for profile configuration information: http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002180783-Decline-Manager
  • Added support for Capture on Shipment to be used in tandem with Combine Similar Addresses for SALT Payments 2.0, Lime Light Gateway, NMI, and Authorize.net
  • LimeLight user password expiration has been increased from every 30 days to every 90 days.


Bug Fixes:

  • Added preventative measure to eDigital orders to avoid incorrect next recurring product updates
  • Updated PayU amount formatting for BRL currency
  • Resolved 3D Verify redirect issue on the Place Order page
  • Removed duplicate shipping confirmation notifications caused by tracking import
  • Fixed createdBy issued for linked API user account
  • Resolved Braspag refunding concern
  • Fixed Decline Manager time scheduling issue
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