Overview of Intelligent Cascade Profiles

An Intelligent Cascade Profile will allow you to route transactions among several cascade gateways based on specific conditions you have set. In order to setup your Intelligent Cascade Profile just go to Payment > Cascade Profiles.  Below are the steps on how to configure an Intelligent Cascade Profile.


To add an Intelligent Cascade Profile, you will need to select the drop-down arrow next to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Add Intelligent Cascade’ as shown in the illustration below:






First Gateways

Name: Add a name for your profile.

Description: Add a description of your profile.

Currency: Select the currency you would like to use.  This must be selected before choosing your first gateways.

Maintain MID Group: This will allow you to Maintain the MID Group from the previous declined transaction.  For further information on MID Group, please visit our Help Center article

Off: Ignore MID group.

Force: Match gateway MID Group within condition set, if no match DO NOT CASCADE.

Preferred: Attempt to match MID Group to a gateway within Condition Set, if no match to MID Group, follow next Cascade process.

First Gateway: This is a multi-select of all active gateways for the currency selected.  Only gateways that have not been selected as the initial gateway in a different profile (intelligent or ‘Gateways Assigned To This Profile’ in classic cascade) are displayed.


Once you have selected your first gateway(s), you will then proceed to add your conditions.  You are able to add up to five (5) conditions per Intelligent Cascade profile.  A brief description will be located at the bottom of each chart reflecting the configurations you have set.



Name: Create a name for your condition set.

Must Match:

All Conditions: Orders will only cascade if they meet ALL conditions that you have configured.

Any Conditions: Orders will cascade if they meet ANY of the conditions that you have configured.


Please view the table below to see all available conditions:


Condition Operator Criteria Field Type Criteria
Billing Cycle

1. =

2. Not =

3. <

4. >

5. < or =

6. > or =


Based on the billing cycle of the order.

  1. < 1 or = 0 (for initials)
2. > 0 (for rebills)

1. =

2. Not =


Allows you to select the User Defined BINS from BIN Management



1. =

2. Not =

Multiselect All Active Campaigns
Card Type

1. =

2. Not =


1. American Express

2. Discover

3. Master Card

4. Visa

5. Switch

6. Solo

7. Maestro

8. Boleto

9. Diners

10. Hipercard

11. Aura

12. Boleto Bradesco

13. Boleto Caixa Economica Federal

14. Boleto HSBC

15. Boleto Banco do Brasil

16. Boleto Itau

17. Cielo Visa

18. Cielo MasterCard

19.Cielo Amex

20. Cielo Diners

21. Cielo Elo

22. Redcard Webservice Visa

23. Redcard Webservice MasterCard




1. =

2. Not =

Multiselect All active countries in the CRM
Decline Reason

1. =

2. Not =

Multiselect Choose from a list of all active User Defined Decline Reasons on the Hard Decline Rules page.
Gateway Spend %

 1. <

2. >

3. < or =

4. > or =

 Numeric  Based on the remaining gateway spend percentage of the main gateway.
Kount Score

1. <

2. >

3. < or =

4. > or =

Numeric Based on the Kount score for the transaction.
Prepaid = Drop-down

1. Yes

2. No

Salvage Attempt

1. =

2. Not =

3. <

4. >

5. < or =

6. > or =


Based on decline manager attempt

Transaction Type

1. =

2. Not =


1. Sale

2. Auth

Cascade based on Billing Cycle: Cascading based on billing cycle is used to route traffic based on subscription cycle.  This can also be useful to route transactions in a later billing cycle to a specific "High Quality" MID.  If your gateway requires CVV, then you will want to only route Billing Cycle = 0 to the cascade gateway.

Cascade based on BIN: This can be used if you have BINS that are deemed low quality/high quality you will want to cascade to gateways that can either take the chance of Merchant Chargebacks, or gateways that cannot take Merchant Chargebacks based on BIN quality (User Defined BINS).

Cascade based on Campaign: This can be used if you want to keep campaigns on the same group of gateways.

Cascade based on Card Type: This can be used to cascade by a specific payment type to a gateway that can accept that payment type.  For example, Cielo can cascade to Brazilian gateways only.

Cascade based on Country: This can be used to cascade to gateways that can only process a certain Country or Currency.  This can also be used to route to cascade gateways with the same country processor/ Issuing bank.

Cascade based on Decline Reason: This is entirely based off your User Defined Hard Decline Reasons.  For example, if you receive a decline for CVV, you may want to only cascade to gateways that do not require CVV. 

Cascade based on Gateway Spend %: This is used to cascade to gateways based on the remaining gateway spend percentage of the main gateway.

Cascade based on Kount Score: This can be used to cascade to High/Low quality MIDS to evaluate the transaction you are sending.

Cascade based on Salvage Attempt: This is used to cascade a particular attempt in salvage to a certain gateway.

Cascade based on Transaction Type:  This can be used if your gateway cannot do specific Auth function.

After configuring up to five (5) conditions,  you will then move over to the right to select your cascade gateway(s).  At this last step, you are able to select up to five (5) cascade gateways.


*NOTE*: You will want to evaluate your gateways before choosing which one you want to use as the cascade gateway (s). A few things you will want to account for are:

*Does this gateway need to have high approvals?

*Can I accept any MCB (Merchant Chargebacks) on this gateway?

*Does this gateway require CVV?  If so, you will want to remove this requirement, as the CVV is NOT passed when cascading.


 Once your Intelligent Cascade profile is configured, you have the option to edit it and add additional condition sets.  To add an additional condition set, you will need to click the (+) next to "Add Condition Set" as illustrated below:




This is the general flow of the Intelligent Cascade:



*NOTE*- To remove the preservation on gateways preserved to an Intelligent Cascade profile MUST be removed within Payment > Subscription Management.




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