New Reports Overview


Who Should Read This?

Users interested in knowing more about the new reports located in the “Reports new” menu. These reports are referred to as “new reports” in all future references below.

What is the purpose of the new reports?

At Lime Light, we are continually working on making analyzing data easier. We do this by enhancing both our reports and Analytics dashboards and have recently improved the reports sitting under the “Reports” menu by redeveloping them and placing them in a new separate submenu called “Reports new.” The benefits of the new reports include:

  • Increased Reliability.
  • Faster.
  • Offline Transactions. The new reports include offline transactions.
  • Advanced Filtering.

The new reports were built using the LimeLight Analytics Business Intelligence engine, which will enable us to advance the reporting capabilities of these critical reports. The new reports were built to be consistent with the old reports (currently under the “Reports” menu) - so they will bring no (or very minimal) disruption to client ‘out of platform’ processes.

Where do we go from here?

From here, we will move on to better, enhanced tabular reporting - while the new reports currently emulate the old reports, they will not serve as a blueprint for the new “New” reports moving forward. We plan on enhancing these reports as well by adding/removing fields, measures, etc in order to better meet your needs.

When will the Old Reports be Retired?

Once we get enough feedback to know that they are exactly how they need to be, we will make any necessary adjustments and then replace the old reports with the new reports. Until then, we will have both the old reports (currently under the “Reports” menu) and new reports (currently under the “Reports new” menu) running concurrently. The retirement timing will be driven by responses through the comment form (see below).

We need your Help - Comment Form

We realize that we can’t possibly simulate all of the possible scenarios that would account for every way that you run reports. So, for a period of time, we are going to gather feedback (through the form below) and address relevant issues and concerns.

Please review the new reports and submit your comments.



Keep the Following in Mind - when using the new reports

    1. Date Filter. When you select the date range, the end date indicates “until (before).” This means that you enter the day after the date you want to report through. For example, if you want to report on May 10 to May 15, you will select May 10 for the start date and May 16 for the end date.
    2. Exporting. When exporting the data, the headers are slightly different but the data will line up with the existing Legacy Reports.
    3. Permissions. All users that had permissions to the old reports at the time of them being released (6/15/2017), they will also have permissions to the new reports.  More specifically, users will have the exact same access they have with the old reports as the equivalent new reports. Post launch, however, permissions will be handled like any other portion of the platform - you must explicitly give access to the new reports. 

Ability to save frequently used search filters: 


If you have a specific search filter that you use frequently, you now have the option to save that filter so that you don't have to enter it in every time you pull a report! It is very simple, as you will just need to enter in your filter and click "Save".  This will save the filter, so next time when you go in to use the report, you will just click on the drop-down arrow for filters, and your saved filter will be there! You also have the option to search for the specific filter via the search box as shown above.  


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