Platform Enhancements:

  • ShipRight Fulfillment now has the Combine Similar Addresses feature. This field allows you to set whether or not you want orders with identical shipping addresses to be combined in one order and sent to ShipRight. Visit the Help Center page for full configuration details. http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/212805046-Configuring-ShipRight-Fulfillment 
  • There are now 3 new System Notifications - Gateway consecutive decline limit will alert you if your gateway has stopped approving transactions completely; Kount Fraud Score will notify you daily if the orders threshold is met with Kount Score thresholds; and Orders pending posts to fulfillment is a daily notification that will let you know how many orders per fulfillment profile have not posted for your specified number of days. Check out the Help Center page for notification delivery options. http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/212811066-Overview-of-System-Messages
  • User management just got easier. The Users Import CSV has been updated to allow you to not only add new users, but you can now update existing user accounts as well. We’ve added the user id and update flag columns that will allow you to identify an existing user so that you can update their data quickly without having to navigate directly to their profile. The new CSV template can be found in the Help Center here: http://help.limelightcrm.com/hc/en-us/articles/214569003-Importing-User-Accounts  

Bug Fixes:

  • Export CSV functionality restored for the Verticals, Channels, Expense Assumptions and System Messages pages
  • The Total Installments option on the Place Order page is now available for the CobreBem and Braspag gateways
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding issues for NewProspect, NewOrderwithProspect and NewOrderCardOnFile API calls
  • Fixed 701 error (Action not permitted by gateway) for offline order refunds through API
  • Restored Force Next Gateway functionality through Subscription Management
  • Updated the post to Kount to include the field ORDR in the RIS post; instead of not posting, the ORDR post is updated
  • Updated the Order Import to allow 3D Verify enabled orders
  • Fixed issue with editing existing API User permissions, a department can now be added to the profile
  • Updated the NMI eCheck integration to resolve order creation fatal


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