Configuring 3D Verify

Our 3D Verify feature allows you to perform a 3D protected transaction, without having to redirect the customer to their bank to enter in personal information. This will shift chargeback risk away from you and onto the issuing bank without adding friction to the checkout process.

If you would like to use the 3D Verify feature with your gateway, you will need to contact to sign up.  From there, we will enable this feature for you in your CRM. We will need to know which gateways you would like this feature enabled on.

The available gateways for 3D Verify are the following:

  • Lime Light Gateway
  • Salt 2.0
  • Network Merchant Inc. (Please see list below of supported Processors)
  • Chargeback Guardian Previous
  • GroupISO
  • Maverick Gateway
  • Maxx Merchant
  • Durango Direct (Formerly known as National BankCard)
  • Pay Scout

Here is the feature within the gateway profile in Lime Light: 


Place Order Page / Webforms

The 3D Verify service is self sufficient within the Place Order page and our Webform pieces - simply enable the feature within your gateway profile and re-download the Webform pieces.



The 3D Verify service will need to be manually implemented within your checkout page when using our API to create orders. Example PHP scripts have been provided below. Here is an outline of the requirements to successfully check for 3D enrollment and obtain the 3D parameters that will need to be sent in your NewOrder request to protect the transaction:

Within the index.php file example, you will need to populate the following required fields within the HTML payment form:

Field Name Required Description
x_amount Y

For straight-sale offerings - current order total amount

For subscription-based offerings - next recurring order total amount

x_card_num Y Credit card number
x_exp_month Y Expiration month of card number - two (2) digit
x_exp_year Y Expiration year of card number - two (2) digit

Within the limelight_api.php file example, you will see the following fields:

If you are using more than one 3D Verify gateway, we recommend that you configure these within an isolated load balancer assigned to an independent campaign and route the enrolled cards to this campaign via the campaign_id parameter of the NewOrder request.

All four of these values are obtained through POST variables (they are generated from the 3D Verify process that runs when form is submitted to the 3D Verify endpoint) and will be required to complete the order creation process, regardless of the card's enrollment status:

Field Name Required Description
cavv Y 3D Verify cardholder authentication verification value
eci Y 3D Verify electronic commerce indicator
xid Y 3D Verify transaction ID
verify_3d_temp_id Y Temporary reference for 3D Verify transaction

Here is the indicator of a successful processed secure transaction within the Lime Light / Salt 2.0 / NMI gateway terminal:


- Please be advised that the following Merchant Category Codes are NOT supported with 3D Verify.

MCC 4829: Wire Transfer/Money Order.
MCC 5967: Direct Marketing-Inbound Teleservices. 
MCC 6051: Non-Financial Institution-Foreign Currency, Money Order (not Wire Transfer), Travelers’ Cheques.
MCC 7995: Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting and Wagers at Race Tracks.


The following NMI Processors that support 3D Verify:

CredoRax v2
First Data Canada
First Data Nashville
First Data Nashville North V2
Global Payments - East
Global Payments Canada
Litle & Co.
MeS Trident
Moneris Canada
National Merchants Association
Optimal Payments
Paymentech Salem
Paymentech Tampa
Pivotal Payments GlobalOne
TSYS (Vital)
World Pay

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