Traffic Source Quality


Dive deep into your traffic sources and understand how they’re affecting your bottom line. Identify traffic sources positively and negatively impacting Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Use this dashboard to evaluate traffic sources using both "early-" and "late- indicators" to help solidify your assessment.

Potential Actions

  1. Eliminate traffic sources because of poor performing measures, including:
    1. Fraud Percentage
    2. In-trial Cancellation Rate
    3. Rebill Rate
    4. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
    5. Chargeback Rate
    6. Refunded Revenue Rate
  2. Emulate traffic sources that generate higher value customers.


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Data Elements & Measures

The following data elements and measures are shown on the Traffic Source Quality dashboard. For comprehensive definitions of data elements and measures, please reference the Glossary of Measures.

Data Element / Measure Definition
Fraud % The percentage of orders marked as fraud. This includes orders that have manually been marked as fraud and orders caught by risk mitigation providers such as Kount.
In-Trial Cancel % Percentage of cancellations during the trial period.
Rebill Rate Percentage of Initial Orders (cycle 0) that convert to a Rebill (Cycle 1) order.
Chargeback % Percentage of orders that have been marked or flagged as chargeback.
CLTV Customer Lifetime Value is the profit a business makes from any given customer (often referred to as LTV or CLV). The purpose of the CLTV measure is to assess the financial value of each customer. The formula is Gross Profit ÷ Unique Initial Customers, where Gross Profit = Gross Revenue - COGS.
Refunded Rev % Percentage of revenue refunded.
Orders (Initial) Total number of approved transactions.
Initial Subscriptions The first order in a recurring series of orders.
Day 0 Cancellation on the same day as purchase.
Day 1 Cancellation the day after purchase.
Day 2 Cancellation two days after purchase.
Day 3 Cancellation three days after purchase.
Day 4 Cancellation four days after purchase.
Day 5-14 Cancellation 5 to 14 days after purchase.
Day 15-24 Cancellation 15 to 24 days after purchase.
Transactions Total number of attempts to bill cards. Includes approved, declined, voided, and fully refunded orders.


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