Compare Rebill Rate amongst all gateways by analyzing the number of attempts, successful attempts and ultimately the success rate. Leverage this report to determine if/when specific gateways need to be optimized at a deeper level based on rebill rate.

The Gateways dashboard provides detailed analysis for each gateway, including billing rate, chargeback and refund measures. In addition to these measures, the Gateway Analysis also provides reserve amounts for each gateway.  Please see the below table for definitions on these measures.





 Initial Approval %  The approval rate on Initial Orders. This is a measure that is helpful to judge the success of actually billing the Initial attempts.
 Rebill Approcal %  The approval rate on Rebill Orders. This is a measure that is helpful to judge the success of actually billing the Rebill attempts.
 Cycle 2 Approval %  Approved transactions by billing cycle.
 Cycle 3+ Approval %  All cycle 3+ orders / all cycle 3+ transactions
 Decline %  Percentage of declined orders out of the total unique attempted.
 MCB %  The percentage of merchant chargebacks.
 Refunded Rev %  Percentage of Gross Revenue lost due to refunds.


Note: It is best practices to run a single Merchant Account ID (MID) through a single Lime Light gateway. Specifically, it is not recommended to add a MID to a gateway and then change the MID within the gateway. If another MID is added, create another gateway and never move a MID from one gateway to another. This will ensure that all of your data in regard to Gateways in Analytics is accurate.

Potential Actions

  1. Adjust payment routing or re-route volume to or away from a gateway to generate additional revenue by earning a higher rebill rate.
  2. Adjust payment routing to or away from a gateway to prevent losing a merchant account.
  3. See how much revenue has been processed through a particular gateway.

  • Data presented in this dashboard is based on "Transaction Date" unless otherwise noted. Transaction Date is the date that the order was placed without an association between the Re-bill and Recurring transactions (Cycles 1…X) and the Initial transaction (Cycle 0) that initiated the order.
  • All test orders marked within the platform are automatically removed from the Analytics data.
  • Please reference the Lime Light Order Cycle Nomenclature visual below to understand the way that Lime Light references the phases of each order type. 

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