Order Analysis


Start here to examine the important measures in your business quickly. Viewing Order Analysis should be a daily ritual.

Potential Actions


  1. Identify trends (i.e. transaction approval rate in the Approved Transactions chart, Cycle 2 Average Order Value in the Average Order Value chart, etc) by looking at each of the ten measures trended over time in this dashboard. After reviewing this dashboard, one may identify measures that need to be analyzed deeper. To analyze deeper, either use the filters to help narrow the focus (i.e. by date, by product, by campaign, etc.) or drill into one of the other Analytics dashboards. 

  • Data presented in this dashboard is based on "Transaction Date" unless otherwise noted. Transaction Date is the date that the order was placed without an association between the Re-bill and Recurring transactions (Cycles 1…X) and the Initial transaction (Cycle 0) that initiated the order.

  • All orders marked "test" within the platform are automatically excluded from data presented in Analytics.
  • Please reference the Lime Light Order Cycle Nomenclature visual below to understand the way that Lime Light references the phases of each order type. 

 Video Length: 10:13


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