Overview of Channels

A channel is a specific medium used to reach an intended audience, such as search, affiliate, email, social media, display advertising, etc.


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Add A Channel:

To add a channel, you will go to Campaigns> Channels.  Go to the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu and select ‘Add’.  After adding a new channel, it will show in the list view with all other channels.

The features that show in the channel list view will allow you to Copy a Channel, Edit, Enable/Disable, and Delete.

There are nine (9) pre-defined base channels within the CRM.  You have the option to add your own channels, but they must be tied to one of our base channels.  Our nine (9) pre-defined base channels consist of Affiliate, Email, Display, Print, Reseller, Search, Social, Telephone, and TV.



*NOTE* - The base channels cannot be edited or deleted.

After you have created your Channels, you will need to assign them to your campaigns by clicking the 'plug' symbol.  The following box will pop up asking you to select the campaigns you would like to add your profile to.

*NOTE* Please keep in mind that if you are assigning profiles to campaigns by entering the CSV list, you MUST click ‘Select’ after entering in the campaign Id’s and then click ‘Save’ in order for your changes to take effect.

After you have selected your campaigns, you will click ‘ Save’ and a new window will populate advising that the profile was successful, or if the campaign you selected currently has a different provider assigned, it will prompt you to select a new campaign or overwrite the current setting.  If your assignment was successful, you will be provided with the option to be redirected to your Campaigns page where you can then view your changes.





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