Configuring Calltacular API

To start using Calltacular as an Auto Responder, you will need to complete a few easy steps first. These steps are described here for your reference.


1. Add the Email Provider to your Lime Light CRM Account: Go to Email Notifications> Auto Responder Providers, then choose Add Auto Responder Provider. Select Calltacular as your email provider then choose “Select”.



Now a new window will open up asking you for the following Calltacular parameters:

  • Username – This is provided by Calltacular.
  • Password- This is provided by Calltacular.
  • Client Id- This is provided by Calltacular.
  • Alias – create an alias for internal purposes only. This alias will help you organize among multiple providers in the future since you may have multiple Imnica accounts within our system.



Then save it.


2. Add your Calltacular profile to your Campaign: When creating or editing a campaign, you will see at the bottom of the page an option to enable an Auto Responder profile once you select Third Party Providers under Options on the scroll bar. The following is an illustration of the field that you’ll select. Be sure to “Save” the campaign after your auto responder profile is selected:



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